Orochi is a premium quality sake brewed in Niigata, Japan. Sake is a traditional Japanese rice wine typically enjoyed by the older generation. Orochi Sake, however, is debuting in the Hong Kong nightclub scene. The target audience is young, successful, and wealthy clubbers looking to flaunt their wealth with expensive bottle service. The concept is a reference to the Japanese legend of the Yamata no Orochi, a serpent with eight heads and eight tails. This legend is the first mention of sake in Japanese history. The storm god Susanoo is asked to rescue the rice field goddess from being eaten by the serpent. He sets out eight jars of sake for each of the Yamata no Orochi’s heads. It becomes so drunk it falls asleep, allowing Susanoo to cut it into pieces. The shape of the bottle is inspired by a bird’s-eye view of a snake’s head.

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